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If you are looking for a highly experienced personal trainer in Ruislip, get in contact with Elite PT 365. I have over 30 years of experience in the industry, reaching the top level of natural bodybuilding in the UK, and specialise in strength and conditioning training. However, my approach is about much more than developing muscle mass. To me, genuine health can only materialise when one embarks on a broader lifestyle change that incorporates proper nutrition and a positive, hardworking attitude towards getting fitter and stronger. Whether you are targeting weight loss or struggling with posture problems, we will work closely together to create a personalised fitness plan that enables you to reach your specific goals and improve core strength.


For a personal trainer in Ruislip who goes the extra mile to help you discover your best self, get in contact with Elite PT 365.   

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About Kieron Leese - Personal Trainer

Prior to working as a personal trainer, I competed as a natural bodybuilder at national level, becoming one of the top five bodybuilders in the UK.
Since then, my passion has been maintaining my own peak fitness and helping others to unlock their own potential. This is not a job but a passion, and my goal is to share that appetite with others who are looking to improve their fitness and strength.




Personal Trainer in Ruislip




Strength and Conditioning Training

This service aims to help you become stronger, leaner and fitter. Together, we will identify areas that you wish to address and perform a series of exercises designed to increase your muscle mass, along with helping you to lose body fat due to increased metabolism.

Weight Loss

Instead of merely working on burning calories and losing weight, we will aim to increase your body’s overall muscular structure, focusing primarily on building up strength and functionality whilst at the same time embarking on a personalised nutrition programme.

HIIT Training

HIIT training involves short intervals of extremely high-intensity exercise that requires a large amount of oxygen. Through this exercise, we are training your body to recover from – and ultimately become better accustomed to – periods of intense work.








My personal training is perfect for you if you want to work on...










Many people, regardless of their age, require help when it comes to any muscle or joint pain, or perhaps injury to tendons and ligaments. Through a series of bespoke exercises, I will help you to both restore full mobility and reduce your susceptibility to further injury.

Body Building

As a former natural competitive bodybuilder, I know what it takes to acquire a great physique. So, if you are looking to build your muscle mass under the guidance of a health and fitness professional, we can work closely together on the specific training methods required along with consolidating a dieting programme.


Whether you require strength and conditioning training or want to focus on weight loss, proper nutrition is paramount for ensuring that you reach your desired goal. I can provide expert advice on meal prepping, eating more natural foodstuffs, and how to invoke a healthier, more holistic lifestyle.








Kieron, who has over 30 years of industry experience listens to the specific needs and goals of his clients, get in contact with me.


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Why Choose Elite PT 365? 


I have strong experience of competing at the highest level of natural bodybuilding in the UK, maintaining optimal strength over a long period of time. Moreover, I have been a health and fitness professional for over 30 years. Working as a PT is, to me, a way of life.


If you are looking for a personal trainer in Ruislip, you may be apprehensive about having to perform exercises that you don’t want to do. With Elite PT 365, you get the final decision over what particular programme we will embark on, allowing you to achieve personal goals on your own terms.


Instead of focusing on one specific area, my service as a personal fitness trainer incorporates a wide range of exercises in order to provide clients with the best chance to reach peak fitness. This broad selection means that you have the power to choose a certain training method that suits your goals.





Three years later I competed in a powerlifting competition placing first...

I started training with Kieron 4 years ago, having never lifted weights before, three years later I competed in a powerlifting competition placing first, the following year Kieron helped me to compete in a bodybuilding competition, his knowledge and understanding is awesome. Manil   |     |  

Kieron has helped me transform my body...

Kieron has helped me transform my body with his training methods, with lower body fat and muscle gains, through meal plans, Kieron has helped with my confidence to the point that he is now helping me prepare to compete in a Miss Fitness competition. Kristi   |     |  

I am now able to train correctly...

I started training with Kieron as I had a serious shoulder injury, over the last two years with his training programme I am now able to train correctly, gaining six kilos of muscle and a max deadlift of 200 kg!! Stuart   |     |