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Choose a Training Programme That Works for You

Are you looking for a professional personal trainer in Ruislip? If so, get in touch with Elite PT 365. Having been in the industry for three decades and formerly competed as a natural bodybuilder at the highest level in the UK, I provide a comprehensive strength and conditioning training programme that will help you realise the full potential of your body. My service extends to all ages and abilities and always emphasises enacting a more holistic lifestyle change, as opposed to merely assisting you in building muscle mass or weight loss. We will create a training and nutrition programme based on your specific goals, working closely together to improve not just your basic strength and functionality but also helping you to adopt a more proactive mindset towards healthy living.


Each session lasts one hour, with weekly packages consisting of two sessions, so if you require a personal trainer in Ruislip, Northwood, Pinner or Eastcote, get in contact with Elite PT 365.




Personal Training

One-on-one personal training is my most popular service. Through building a relationship, we can clarify the precise areas that you want to work on and come up with a personalised exercise plan that aligns with your demands. By having weekly appointments on a one-to-one basis, you will be able to track your progress with every session, which is an extremely rewarding feeling. If you want one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer in Ruislip, please view the prices below.


  •  1-2-1 SINGLE SESSION – One person and trainer  
  •  1-2-1 WEEKLY SESSION – Two sessions per week 




Training With Partner

Many people prefer to work with a health and fitness professional alongside a partner. Doing this can help you remain motivated and drive each other towards reaching your respective goals. The process becomes more sociable and therefore heightens enjoyment during sessions. This package also works out as cheaper than one-to-one sessions, enabling you to benefit from a personal trainer in Ruislip at a discounted price. The pricing for partner sessions are as stated below.


  • 2-2-1 SINGLE SESSION – Two people and a trainer  
  • 2-2-1 WEEKLY SESSION – Two people, two sessions per week 








Hear What Others Have to Say



Thanks to Kieron I have lost 10 kg ...

I started training with Kieron about two years ago, my aim was to increase my overall muscle, whilst keeping my endurance level high to compliment my boxing, thanks to Kieron I have lost 10 kg whilst increasing my overall muscle. George   |     |  

Kieron has helped me transform my body with his training methods...

Kieron has helped me transform my body with his training methods, with lower body fat and muscle gains, through meal plans, Kieron has helped with my confidence to the point that he is now helping me prepare to compete in a Miss Fitness competition. Kristi   |     |  

Just an awesome trainer...

Just an awesome trainer, pushed me to achieve far greater goals then we set out to do. Dominic   |     |  

Been training with Kieron for three years...

Been training with Kieron for three years, I wanted to increase my muscle mass and strength, went from 90kg to 105kg and increase my deadlift to 190kg!! Mark   |     |  

I’m 71 years old...

I’m 71 years old, had shoulder, back,and mobility problems, three years training with Kieron, I have now full mobility,no back and shoulder pain, just hit my PB deadlift 110kg, John   |     |  

I now come to the gym four times a week and have lost 9kg...

I first started training with Kieron two years ago, before then I had never done any exercise, through Kieron’s training and motivation and encouragement I now come to the gym four times a week and have lost 9kg, Priti   |     |  

My aim was to increase my overall muscle...

Started training with Kieron about six months ago, my aim was to increase my overall muscle, I followed his training and meal plans and have now gained 6kg of lean muscle Nalo   |     |  

He radically changed my training and mindset...

Came to Kieron for help with loosing weight, he radically changed my training and mindset towards the whole process, within six months I went from 20% body fat to 9% body fat!! Adam   |     |  

I competed in a miss fitness competition...

I first came to Kieron with a shoulder injury, with the intention of just rehab, but with his guidance, motivation and training system, and his encouragement I competed in a miss fitness competition, which has given me a massive boost of confidence. Lisa   |     |